Eco-Friendly Pure Still Water

A smart way to help the planet

Breathtaking new flavours

Introducing our refreshing flavoured waters, combining Box’d H2O pure still water with natural flavours like Strawberry, Orange, and Lemon & Lime. Low in fat, sugar, and around 25kCal per 330ml carton, they’re guilt-free refreshments.

Our eco-friendly Tetra Pak packaging, with caps made from sugar cane, ensures a sustainable choice for staying hydrated and refreshed. Flavoured water of the highest quality, in recyclable packaging – a SMART WAY to stay refreshed and help the planet.

Why is boxed water the future?

Plastic pollution is now one of the world’s most urgent environmental issues. Roughly 8 million tons of plastic waste finds its way into our oceans every year, destroying animal habitats and interfering with the balance of life. It is estimated that across the world, one million plastic bottles are bought every minute – creating a waste problem of epic proportions

By switching to products like BOX’D H2O, we can reduce the amount of plastic waste dramatically. Using responsibly-sourced paper, and plastics created using sugar-cane reduces the reliance on plastic resources by 83%. Whilst overall carbon emissions are reduced by flat-pack boxes that are easier and more-efficient to transport before and after use

Small changes like these have a big impact, make the switch and help save our planet before it’s too late

What makes BOX'D H2O so pure and refreshing?

At BOX’D H2O we strive for water of the highest quality, guaranteeing refreshing taste every time

From its source in the Sierra Blanca Mountains of southern Spain, every drop of BOX’D H2O water is vigorously filtered to remove all impurities. To achieve the great refreshing taste, BOX’D H2O is remineralised to ensure a balanced pH

BOX'd 500ml Front

What makes our box so special?

  • 70% renewable source materials
  • Bottle cap is derived from sugar-cane, reducing the reliance plastics
  • FSC certified paper ensures the production is sutainable, and won’t impact the world’s forests
  • Reduced carbon emissions by around 50%
  • Water stays cooler for longer – meaning you stay refreshed longer
  • No BPA is used, protecting you from harmful plastics
  • Fully recyclable box, so these materials can be used again and again

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Thirsty for more?

If you have any questions, or you want to order BOX’D H2O, send us a message and we’ll get back to you!

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